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Sandi Miller

Sandi Miller

Sandi Miller

So much fun, really enjoyed.  Realized I’m not as bright as I thought  I was!!!! LOL.   Would love to play again!  Will pass this game on!!!!! Thanks!

Jonathan Rudnick

Thanks a lot for including us in the event on Saturday.  We had a great time and definitely learned a few things.  Overall it was a blast and please includes us in the next game.  We will do much better next time.

David Goldberg

Thank you again for setting this up.  In my opinion, this should be done 4-5 times a year.  We have such a great time and while it would’ve been nice to win some $, it’s really about the laughs that we have in the car and at the clue locations.  We’re getting closer as we came in 3rd this year (you incorrectly have us, light blue, coming in 2nd below) and next year we expect to finish in the money!  This is really a great time and if you’ve got a good team that knows how to have fun, you really can’t lose!  Now, about that damn Kohl’s clue……..argh!!

Lynne Hirsh

You guys did beyond an amazing job. We can't even thank you enough for an incredible night!


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